There have been many times, where I feel I might as well be invisible. I am sure this has happened to everyone in their lives on occasion. You know when you are the shy person and you are with that friend, who everyone loves and everyone admires. Insignificant is another way to describe how you feel, when people look over your presence, simply because you blend into your surroundings. I always think of a skit that was on the Carol Burnett show one time. Carol and Vicki were having lunch in a nice restaurant. Carol was playing the more demure and blase  woman, where as Vicki is the woman who has it all. Of course, the waiter nearly falls over trying to please Vicki and completely ignores Carol. It even goes so far as the waiter trying to take Carol’s chair to offer to another customer. I think, we have all felt this way in our lives at times. How can we be invisible, when we know we are there. Why do we seem as though we are invisible? I just do not see it!


That is Crazy!

Last night, I got out of bed in the middle of the night heading for the bathroom in the darkness. As I stumbled through the room half asleep, I once again hit my elbow on the door knob. I seem to do this every night or should I say every early morning. This time however, was much more painful, because I had hit the very same spot the night before. Actually, to tell the total truth, I consistently hit the area known as the “crazy bone” just about every night. I stood there muttering a few very choice words, trying to hold the anguish inside, so as night to awaken my sleeping prince.  I pondered why do I keep doing the same thing over and over. It is almost like the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray.  I looked up the real definition of the crazy bone, because I figure if I am going to permanently disfigure my arm, I might as well find out what I actually have done. I read that the crazy bone, is the medial epicondyle of the humorous bone. Odd isn’t it, because obviously it was not humerus to me.  The ulnar nerve flows through this area causing the painful sensation.  So there is the technical explanation of the “crazy bone”. Tonight, when I hit this spot again, I probably should stop at my freezer and get a bag of ice to be prepared. Although, the swelling that is present now, may help to cushion the blow. I suddenly have a solution to my problem. I am going to remove the door knob. Why did I not think of this before.

Daily Prompt: Simmer

I suppose , simmering is not a very forceful, powerful word. If we think of simmering, I tend to think of my stove and a pot of soup “simmering” on the stove. It is in all actuality, as low as you can set the temperature on your range. If we take this as an example in life, I think many of us would live longer if we would go through life on the simmer setting. However, I am aware that there are people who have a problem with simmering. Sometimes an injustice has occurred in their lives and they tend to allow this problem to simmer on their minds. And often times, this simmering starts to increase in temperature and eventually it gets to a slow boil. This eventually causes them to perhaps have a problem with their disposition and how they can deal with others. So the lesson here is,  simmering usually gives more flavor and tastefulness to our foods. It is not very wise however to simmer with your emotions because you could get burnt!


The word interest has several meanings depending upon how you are using it.  With my First Husband, who is a bit of a frugal man, interest is how he can compound more money on his savings. He also has a lot of interest in that subject. His interest is to make as much money as possible with out a lot of effort. He does have many interests however. He is interested in electronics, music, and finances. I would say those are his main interests. Now my interests are many. My main interests are nature, music, writing, historical stories and sewing. I of course, am interested in our family. So we all have interests in our lives, some are not necessarily interesting to everyone, but I would say everyone needs to have “interests” to be a completely interesting human being.

The Theory of Irrelativity

I suppose everything is relative in some sense, but not when you are a Grandparent. I often times baby sit our two Grandsons, who are six and four years old. I look back on when I was a child and many times will let them play the games that I played as a child in the fifties. Of course, things were very much different when I was a child. I suppose the word simple could apply to that era. Except for the fact, we just had been in the Korean War, things were all and all pretty good in the world. In those days, children used their imaginations a lot, because there was not the sophistication of video games back then. We would watch the early television shows and at the time, many of the shows were related to the west. Some of the most common toys were play guns. I was the only girl on my street of 6 boys, so it seems I had to go along with the majority back then. So I played cowboys too. I had holsters, cap guns, rifles, water guns, and every kind of gun there was, just to be accepted. It was totally innocent. No one got hurt, and as far as I know, no one was convicted of murder when they grew up. So when our Grandson’s discovered there were shooting games on the computer, I saw nothing really wrong with them, because they were all pretend. I watched out for the graphics being too violent in nature and chose the most innocent ones for them to play. They became obsessed with wanting to play these games.  My daughter and son in law were not happy with my choices and let me know it by her expression and gloating stare. The boys were told they were not allowed to play any shooting games on the computer or their tablets. I guess I made the wrong choices in her opinion. In this era, of violence, terrorism, and mass shootings, children can be expelled from school by merely making a pretend finger gun.  So tonight, as I was invited to their house for a visit, our Grandson’s were playing Nerf guns. Oh yes, they have all sizes of Nerf guns, and my daughter just bought them extra Nerf bullets. I know for a fact, that I never bought the boys any Nerf guns and I believe if I recall correctly, it was my daughter, who purchased all of  them.  It seems her husband and her have always enjoyed shooting Nerf bullets at each other. They say it is a game. So I suppose it is irrelative, of what era my childhood was, because we can play “nonviolent” shooting games, because we are using Nerf bullets now. I suppose it is how you look at it. Are the children still shooting at each other? I suppose my opinion is not relative, as a Nerf bullet flies by my head.

The Loop of Life

via Daily Prompt: Loop

I suppose life can be similar to the word loop. We have to be able to bend at times in our lives and not just follow a straight line, especially when we find that huge obstacle in the road of life. It falls true with the paths we follow, they seldom are completely straight. In order to succeed in life, we have to take the loops and go with the flow, what ever path it leads us down. Besides there are many interesting things to see and experience when we take the bends. It makes life more interesting and not so boring. We never know what is at the end of the loop in the road of life. I compare it to riding a motorcycle. Riding is not as much fun on a straight road. The fun begins when you ride the curves and get lost in the bends and the loops.



It seems all of my life I have lived where there is a creek. We have lived where there is a covered bridge now since 1981, and I almost daily, either ride my bicycle or walk down to look at the creek flowing under it. I find it so peaceful and calming to watch the water gently flowing over the limestone rocks that have been there for centuries. The terrain has changed over the years, from the erosion from when the creek resembles the mighty Colorado, but normally it is a very peaceful place to be. If you are very observant, you may see some interesting wild life. I have seen a Kingfisher, Mallard ducks,  a Blue Heron,a rather large snake, large carp, snapping turtles, very small minnows and one time a river otter. Most people seldom stop to look at the beauty of the stream. They drive over the bridge quickly in a rush, to where ever they are going totally unaware that they just passed by so much beauty.  I find it so peaceful to just stand there and look at my surroundings. I always get lost in the moment. I remember times I went “creeking” there with our three children. Exploring the area together. Now I explore the same area with our Grandchildren. We call it adventures.  In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, I think we all need to stop, watch and listen to the streams. They are filled with life and life is what God gave us.